Strength in Numbers

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Encourage your community’s residents to make healthy lifestyle changes by bringing Strength in Numbers to your area.

Strength in Numbers builds upon memberships in existing community activities — such as service clubs or church groups — to create “health families” who set goals together and encourage each other to improve their overall health. Designed for adults of any age, Strength in Numbers lessons are incorporated into the regular monthly meetings of those groups. Group members are a source of support and accountability to each other as they set goals and practice healthy habits.

You don’t have to be an expert to bring the program to your organization: Our Strength in Numbers facilitators train the leaders of each community group every month on both the lesson and how to teach it to other members of their groups. You’ll receive handouts highlighting key aspects of each lesson, as well as SMART goal-setting worksheets and goal-tracking calendars.

Program topics include:

  • The Not-So-Sweet News About Heart Health
  • Control Chronic Conditions: Don’t Let Them Control You
  • Address the Stress
  • Take Control of Your Life With Mindfulness
  • Walk for Health
  • Are Your Sleep Habits Impacting Your Health?
  • Eating Right and Exercising on a Budget

The monthly program can be adapted to suit other schedules. Contact us to help members of your community commit to working with their friends to live healthily.

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