Stay Strong, Stay Healthy - Keeping At It


Join us virtually to maintain and continue improving your health with Stay Strong, Stay Healthy (SSSH) Keeping at It! This course is for individuals who have finished an 8 week SSSH- Level 1 course within the past 6 months and want the accountability and instruction for continued exercise. The course will meet twice a week for an hour and will follow the same format as the SSSH-Level 1 classes. You will be joined by individuals from across the state who have completed SSSH-Level 1 and wish to continue the exercises with an instructor.

You will need a video & audio capable device (zoom), sturdy chair, and tennis shoes.

Please provide your own hand and ankle weights if you wish to use them.

Pre-Registration Required. Please register online for this program.

Contact Kelsey Weitzel [email protected] or 573-882-2799 with questions.

Cost: $50

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