SMQA Training


"SMQA Conditional Certified" for youth age 8 to 13 by January 1 of the program year certification is conditional. To obtain the conditional certification status, a member, age 8 to 13 by January 1, has participated in two consecutive years of training. Once they obtain a conditional status, they do not have to take a refresher course until they are 14 by January 1 of the program year. Upon completion of the refresher course they would be SMQA Certified for the remainder of their youth exhibition career in 4-H. “Qualified to show” means that a member has participated in the SMQA training within the current 4-H program year. This would be members who are taking SMQA for the first time. 

For youth ages 14 and up:
"SMQA Certified" Youth in 4-H who attend one training after they have turned 14 by January 1 of the program year, will be considered SMQA Certified and no further training will be required for the remainder of their 4-H exhibition career.

Cost: No fee

To Register: Call the Lafayette County Extension Office to RSVP at 660-584-3658!

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