Six Sigma: Green Belt Training (10-weeks / 60-hours)

  • Face to Face


Six Sigma focuses on process improvement and efficiency designed to deliver customer quality and satisfaction. When properly deployed, Six Sigma can lead to significant reduction or elimination of defects and out-of-control processes which translates into immediate and dramatic increases in profitability.

This systematic, fact-based problem solving methodology provides businesses the tools and skills to reduce variation within processes and create a corporate culture committed to continuous improvement. Six Sigma focuses on:

• Understanding and meeting customer requirements

• Aligning key business processes to achieve these requirements

• Utilizing rigorous data analysis to minimize variations in processes

• Driving rapid and sustainable improvement

Trained Green Belts can successfully participate in Six Sigma initiatives in many ways. They can help collect and analyze data, develop process maps, and design and conduct experiments.

This activity helps accelerate an organization's deployment process and continuous improvement efforts.

Participants in this 10-day (60-hour) Course will learn to:

• Function as a "tool application" member of a Six Sigma team

• Lead and execute process-level improvement projects

• Design simple experiments to help validate improvement options

• Work with process owners to ensure process gains are gains are sustained

The body of knowledge covered in this course will prepare participants for the ASQ Greenbelt Examination. The class will be held on consecutive Thursdays for 10 weeks.

$3,400 per person, register online: 

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