Serv Safe Food Protection Management - Phelps County - August


Serv Safe Food Protection Manager is a program designed for participants to fulfill requirements for becoming a certified food protection manager under the FDA Food Code.

Per the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, completion of Food Protection Manager training reduces the risk of food-borne illness outbreak for an establishment. Further the presence of a certified manager at a facility has a positive correlation with more effective control of certain risk factors such as poor personal hygiene for all food handling staff.

The class includes two days of lecture followed with an exam. Both days must be attended. All registered participants will receive a course book and exam.

How do I pass the exam?

A passing grade of 75% on the exam is required to receive the Food Protection Manager Certification. To achieve the highest opportunity for successful certification, students are encouraged to pick up the provided Serv Safe Food Protection Managers instruction book from the Extension Center and read it prior to class. Additionally, students are recommended to complete the provided pre-test prior to the course day. Completing the pre-test will allow students to identify subjects needing greater review during the course lecture.

What is the value in becoming a Certified Food Protection Manager?

The FDA Food Code requires that the person in charge of a food service operation becomes a Certified Food Protection Manager. That person must be onsite at all times during operating hours. A Certified Food Protection Manager must show that he or she has a required knowledge by passing a test from an accredited program. The program must be accredited by an agency approved by a Conference for Food Protection. Completing the ServSafe Manager Course and passing the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination meets this requirement.

Please contact instructor Rachel Buenemann for further course content questions: 573-458-6256. 

Cost: $125

Sessions (8AM - 12PM)

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