Rental Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program™


This 3-part Rental Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program is offered by the National Development Council.

  • HD420-Rental Housing Development Finance
    The first course in the RHDFP Certification Program, HD420 takes a detailed look at the analysis, financing, and development of affordable rental housing. In this course, participants learn the underwriting criteria used by lenders and the rates of return demanded by private equity investors in order to determine their investment in a rental housing project. This course also explores the methods practitioners can utilize to attract the maximum amount private capital to rental housing projects as well as the techniques to fill financing gaps with public resources.
  • HD423-Computer Spreadsheet Analysis For Rental Housing
    The second course in the RHDFP Certification Program™, HD423 incorporates the use of computer spread sheets designed to give participants the ability to apply the financial analysis techniques presented in the previous course. In this four, half-day course, participants learn to use of rental housing spread sheets as a tool to locate and interpret key financial information and to restructure a housing transaction based on revised assumptions.
  • HD435-Rental Housing Development Finance: Problem Solving and Deal Structuring
    The third and final course in the Rental Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program™, HD435 blends the financial analysis techniques learned in the previous courses with the problem solving and negotiating skills that housing development practitioners use to close complex projects. This course challenges participants to analyze and structure financing packages for rental housing deals that are complicated by a variety of factors, both financial and non-financial. Participants become skilled at the methods used to structure financing that most effectively leverages public dollars.

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