Private Pesticide Applicator Training - Morgan County - Morning


Initial training and recertification of private pesticide applicators. Training in methods of safe and proper use of agricultural pesticides on farmland.

The private pesticide applicator license issued by the Missouri Dept of Agriculture is required for producers wanting to purchase or apply restricted use pesticides. Application by unlicensed workers under the supervision of licensed applicators will no longer be allowed. Agricultural producers needing to obtain or renew certification of this license must take this pesticide safety training every five years. You must be 18 years of age and directly involved in the production of agricultural commodities to obtain this license. 

We are working diligently with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to update our pesticide safety education program to meet new state and federal requirements, and to bring you the cutting-edge information needed to navigate these unprecedented times.We look forward to working with you to prosper Missouri as we race toward our 2030 goal of doubling this state's agriculture at #2xAg2030! 

This class does not include the annual training required to apply synthetic auxin herbicides (i.e. dicamba) given by the registrants. See for more information. 

This training also does not include the supplemental training required to apply paraquat dichloride. For more information see

Please register online on this page or by calling the Morgan County Extension Center at 573-378-5358.

Cost: Free

Missouri Dept. of Agriculture

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