Pasture Weed Management and Livestock Fly Control Workshop - Webster County


With the drought in 2022, forage stands in pastures and hay fields may be thinned, allowing for increased weed germination which could cause problems for farmers and ranchers.  Sarah Kenyon, Ph.D., will present weed identification and control. Dr. Kenyon will also discuss toxic weeds that farmers should be aware of, the effects on livestock, and how to control them. 

Southern Missouri is seeing warmer-than-usual temperatures suggesting that spring may be here. Fly species that cause significant reductions in livestock weight gain and increase herd health problems like pink eye are starting to be seen with the warmer temperatures. Elizabeth Picking, Livestock Specialist, will discuss fly species, the potential damage if not controlled, and how to control fly populations. 

Cost: Free

Contact: Sarah Kenyon, [email protected], 417-256-2391

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