This Neighborhood Exploration Trip introduces a new model for teaching about the Engaged Neighbor principles.

This trip is both a virtual and in-person team experience!

This is your week to take action in your neighborhood and community to build connections and grow kindness. Come along with us and discover your neighborhood and how you can positively impact your community from right where you live.

Participants will receive two emails daily during our trip week with exclusive content related to this trip, being an engaged neighbor, and activities for their neighborhood. You will learn about special events that day related to our neighborhoods and pay-it-forward events during the week. 

The idea is to explore your neighborhood, discover how we can become a more engaged neighbors, and be a blessing to neighbors with an act of kindness. 

Cost: No fee

For more information, contact: David Burton at 417-881-8909 or

Partners: Ridgecrest Baptist Church