Native Warm Season Grass Workshop

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  • Face to Face


This is an interactive workshop that has hands on components for participants. If you are thinking about incorporating Native warm season grass into your Grazing operation and want to see it in action, plan on attending.

Starting off the morning with economics of warm season grass, common species, herbicide usage, cost share opportunities and establishment methods. Afterwards, go to the field and have plant ID and view two stands of native grasses. One mixed native warm season and introduced cool season stand that is in the second year that is being grazed and one three year old stand that was established in the spring of 2019. Lunch will be served after the field exercises.

Registration in person or online. If registering in person, please mail a check to Washington County Extension. 

Washington County Extension
113 N. Missouri Street Suite A
Potosi, MO 63664

Questions about registration: (573)438-2671 

Cost: $30; $50 per farm couple (must be from the same farm)

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