National Good Neighbor Day


Acts of neighborliness are often simple gestures that help us be a good neighbor, lift up others, or make our community a place we love.

We invite you to take part in our 1,000 Acts of Neighborliness Challenge for one week -- from September 26 to October 2 – as a way to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on Sept. 28.

The goal is for our Greene County residents to achieve 1,000 acts of kindness toward neighbors living near them. 

Tell us what act you or your family did during the week, if you witnessed an act of neighboring kindness, or if you were the recipient of a kind act. If it’s something visual, take a photo and send it via email at [email protected].

Share about these acts of neighborliness and get entered in our contest and drawings by completing a survey online.

Top Neighbor Awards
Awards for the best example of neighboring in these communities receives $250.

  • Ash Grove (Sponsored by ----)
  • Willard (Sponsored by ----)
  • Republic (Sponsored by ----)
  • Walnut Grove (Sponsored by ----)
  • Strafford (Sponsored by ----)
  • Rogersville (Sponsored by ----)
  • Battlefield (Sponsored by ----)
  • Bois D’Arc (Sponsored by ----)
  • Springfield (Sponsored by ----)
  • Unincorporated areas of Greene County (Sponsored by ----)

Special County Neighbor Awards

  • Open to anyone regardless of where they reside in the county. These award receipents will be selected by our panel of judges from amid all submissions.

Most original Idea:

  • Diversity Award:
  • Judges Choice:


Some of the prizes will be awarded based on random drawings of names from those that submit neighborliness examples. These include cash and gift cards.

Cost: Free


  • KOLR-TV10
  • Greene County Commonwealth


  • Greene County Commission
  • Greene County Extension Councill
  • Greene County Baptist Association


  • Give Ozarks campaign donors

Event link:

Sessions: (9:00am - 11:00pm)

  • 9/26/2021
  • 9/28/2021

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