Missouri Good Neighbor Week 2023


Help us celebrate Missouri Good Neighbor Week to foster compassion and respect for our neighbors. We invite you to observe the week as part of the 15,000 Acts of Neighboring Challenge. The week begins on National Good Neighbor Day (Sept. 28) and goes seven days (Sept. 28 to Oct. 4 in 2023).

To take part you need to take action and report it!

There are three ways to take part. First, we invite you to take part in our 15,000 Acts of Neighboring Challenge as part of Missouri Good Neighbor Week. Acts of neighboring are often simple gestures that help us be a good neighbor, lift up others, or make our community a place we love. The goal is for Missouri residents to document 15,000 acts of kindness toward neighbors living near them. 

Your Act of Neighboring


Second, share your zip code on our website to fill our map of neighborly acts. If you are willing, tell us what act you did during the week to be eligible for some prizes.

Most Engaged Neighbor Nomination


Third, you can also nominate someone in your county for the "Neighbor of the Year" award. Preference will be shown to nominees who are engaged neighbors or neighborhood connectors –- meaning they connect others through events, service or social interaction

Individuals can report an act of neighbor, or nominate a neighbor of the year, or do both.

Each of these actions help in the celebration of Missouri Good Neighbor Week and contributes to research on the "state of neighboring" in Missouri.

By reporting your act of neighboring you are entering our neighboring challenging which includes drawings for prizes.

Awards for top Acts of Neighboring will be presented in Missouri cities and counties that have a partnering individual or organization. A list of partner counties and cities will be available the week before Missouri Good Neighbor Week begins.

In addition to reporting your own acts of neighboring, you can also nominate an individual for Neighbor of the Year. Recognition of the nominated "Neighbor of the Year" in each county will be organized by the local county MU extension council.

Many local extension councils are also sponsoring county prizes.

Special Statewide Neighbor Awards are open to anyone regardless of where they reside in Missouri. Our statewide sponsors will select these award winners from amid all submissions and be recognized with a cash award. Categories include Missouri Neighboring Project of the Year, Diversity Award, Best of Rural Missouri Award, and the Judges Choice Award.

There will be additional prizes selected as random drawings of names from all submitted neighborliness examples.

Details are online at HTTP://missourigoodneighborweek.com

Cost: Free

Contact: David Burton, [email protected], 417-881-8909 

Statewide Partners:
The Hopeful Neighborhood Network
Rural Compassion
Greene County Commission
Greene County Extension Council

County Sponsors:
Participating counties have their own local sponsors.

For example, in Greene County the local sponsor is the Greene County Extension Council

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