Midwest Boar Stud Manager Conference 2021


The 2021 Midwest Boar Stud Managers Conference lineup includes experts on swine reproduction from Europe and the United States.

Boar stud managers represent a unique part of the swine industry, MU extension swine specialist Tim Safranski said. Since the first conference in 2000, the event has grown to nearly 200 participants representing about 80% of the boar studs in the United States. Attendees come from more than 18 states and several countries.

Top swine experts from industry and academia provide cutting-edge information to help those who work with boar studs in laboratories and barns, he said.

Topics include:
* bacteria’s effect on swine semen quality
* living without antibiotics
* biosecurity measures for boar studs
* use of ultrasound in testicular evaluation
* updates on sexed semen
* feed’s effects on semen quality

Pam Zaabel of the National Pork Board will discuss the part boar studs play in a secure food supply chain during a pandemic or other emergency.

Early Bird Registration Fee (on or before June 25, 2021) - $225

Regular Registration Fee (on or after June 26, 2021) - $275

Sponsorship options available.

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