LETI Ground Fighting and Control Instructor - Seminar


Students who successfully complete this rigorous and dynamic 40 Hour course will be fully prepared to return to their agency to train fellow officers in this effective ground fighting and control system.

LETI Ground Fighting and Control was designed by LETI Defensive Tactics Lead Instructor, Zach Chinea. The system is strongly based in Jiu Jitsu combined with elements of Krav Maga, Judo and several other defensive tactics and control systems. LETI Ground Fighting and Control is P.O.S.T. approved for academy instruction and is currently in use by the Law Enforcement Training Institute Basic Law Enforcement Academy. 

During this training students will review use of force justification, effective force considerations, and the de-escalation benefits of techniques that aim to control rather than injure resistive subjects. Students will learn a variety of techniques to help officers win fights on the ground as well as take advantage of ground control opportunities to overcome resistance.

Topics covered include handcuffing, escorts, takedowns, passive resistance, control positions, escapes, submissions, and weapon retention.

Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency with the physical skills and techniques as well as demonstrate effectiveness as an instructor in those same skills and techniques.

Zach Chinea served for seven years with the Boonville, Missouri and University of Missouri Police Departments before accepting a Faculty position with the Law Enforcement Training Institute. He has been a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Department Armorer. In addition to his work with LETI he is working toward his Juris Doctor at the University of Missouri School of Law.

POST CEU’s 40 Hours

  • Skill Development 34 Hours
  • Legal Studies 4 Hours
  • Interpersonal Perspectives 2 Hours
  • Including 1 hour of POST Mandatory De-escalation Training

Cost: $575
Check payment can be made with Printable Registration Form.

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