Defensive Tactics: Ground Control and Handcuffing Seminar

  • April 3, 2023
  • 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI)2800 Maguire Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65211
    2800 Maguire Boulevard
    Columbia, MO 65211 directions to this event
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Date: April 3, 2023

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Location: Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI)

2800 Maguire Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65211 



Improve your skills and techniques in ground control and handcuffing at the Law Enforcement Training Institute's Ground Control and Handcuffing Seminar on April 3rd, 2023. This 4-hour seminar, held from 8 AM until noon, will provide hands-on training and instruction from experienced trainers to enhance your ability to effectively control and restrain subjects while ensuring safety for both officers and suspects. 


LETI Ground Fighting and Control was designed by LETI Defensive Tactics Lead Instructor, Zach Chinea. The system is strongly based in Jiu Jitsu combined with elements of Krav Maga, Judo and several other defensive tactics and control systems. LETI Ground Fighting and Control is P.O.S.T. approved for academy instruction and is currently in use by the Law Enforcement Training Institute Basic Law Enforcement Academy.


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your training and gain valuable knowledge in these important areas of law enforcement. Register now!


What to Bring:

You may wear athletic clothing or a BDU style pant and t-shirt. Bring your duty belt and if you have it a blue gun. We will be performing physically demanding activities, be aware of your level of fitness and health and how it can affect your training.


Fee info: $60.00


Registration deadline: 4/2/2023 11:59 PM

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