In-Depth Soil Fertility School


Ten Sessions (All session start at 6 PM and run until 9 PM)

1. Soils and Soil Characteristics, Crop Removal of Nutrients. (1/23/23)

2. Nutrients, CEC and Supplying Crops (1/25/23)

3. Soil pH and Liming, Gypsum (1/30/23)

4. Nitrogen Management and Processes (2/2/23)

5. Supplemental Nitrogen and Additives (2/6/23)

6. Phosphorus and Efficiency (2/8/23)

7. Potassium, Secondary Nutrients, Starters (2/13/23)

8. Micros, Foliar Applications, Soil Sampling (2/15/23)

9. Soil Test Reports and Precision Ag  (2/21/23)

10. Nutrient Deficiencies and Tissue Testing (2/22/23)

Register online or through the Buchanan County Extension Office or Andrew County Extension Office.

Cost: $95

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