Fire Department Medical First Responder


Hours: 32 | Prerequisites: Yes | Students: 15–25 | Host requirements: Yes | POST: Yes

Fire Department Medical First Responder is a 32-hour program based on the U.S. Department of Transportation's First Responder: National Standard Curriculum. Topics include airway care and suctioning, patient assessment, bleeding control, stabilization of spinal and extremities injury, trauma emergencies, use of a limited medical care equipment and assisting other EMS providers. Successful completion of this course will require a 70% score or greater on a written exam and practical skill checklist. This course can also be used to meet the emergency medical training requirements for Firefighter I certification from the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.


  • Participants should have successfully completed a recognized adult one and two person CPR and child one person and infant one person CPR training. Recognized CPR programs include those of the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Participants must provide a copy of their current CPR card on the first session of class.

Host Requirements

  • Eye protection, gowns, gloves, masks
  • Anatomy models: skeleton, respiratory system, airway, heart (optional)
  • Resuscitation mask, barrier devices, oral airways, nasal airways, suction units (battery and manual), suction catheters, tongue blade, lubricant
  • Full body mannequin, blood pressure cuff, stethoscopes, exam gloves, airway management equipment
  • Oxygen delivery devices/systems
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Space blanket (optional)
  • Anaphylaxis kit, self-injecting epinephrine shot, auto-injector
  • Sterile dressing, triangular bandages, universal dressing, occlusive dressing, 4x4 gauze pads, self adherent bandages, roller bandages
  • Burn sheets, water gel blankets, polyester shirt, fire extinguisher
  • Cervical spine immobilization devices, backboards, straps, splints (fixation, cardboard, ladder, pillow, vacuum, air, traction, hare, sager)
  • Child birth kit, infant mannequin or doll
  • Classroom with seating capacity of 20 students

Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

  • 24 hours Technical
  • 2 hours Legal
  • 6 hours Skill

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