Monetary Policy and Farm Income Outlook for Missouri’s Ag Lenders


Missouri's agricultural lenders, credit managers, rural land appraisers, and ag service providers are invited to hear a discussion on monetary policy and learn insights from the latest Missouri Farm Income Outlook report. Attendees will hear the latest outlook on Missouri’s cash receipts, expenses and net farm income, and will gain a better understanding of the implications of monetary policy decisions at this free webinar.

Speakers will include:

Moderator- Dr. Michael Sykuta- Associate Professor, University of Missouri

William Emmons- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, lead economist in the Division of Supervision, Credit and Learning

Bob Maltsbarger- Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center, University of Missouri.

There is no cost to attend this webinar.

Contact: Benjamin Brown, [email protected], 573-882-3576

University of Missouri: Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center
MU Extension. 

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