Establishing Consistency in Beef Heifer Development Programs

Heifer cattle grazing


This program will be delivered as a webinar series with one hour of continuing education offered per week for eight consecutive weeks. The topics will provide veterinary practitioners with an introduction to the principles of heifer development and genetic selection. By the end of the series the participant will be able to:  

  1. Describe how to identify high potential return on investment females.
  2. Discuss the factors necessary to ensure heifers grow at a rate to achieve puberty before breeding.
  3. Explain the benefits of expected progeny difference (EPD) in the beef herd.
  4. Identify elements of a successful low-cost heifer development system.
  5. Summarize how data points collected at pre-breeding exams and ultrasound pregnancy checks can allow for additional revenue streams for veterinarians and increase profitability for producers.
  6. Discuss strategies for incorporating genomic testing into the beef herd.
  7. Discuss the incorporation of beef heifer reproductive management programs in veterinary practice 

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