Emergency Services UTV/ATV Safety - CP23116


Hours: 8 | Prerequisites: None | Students: 15–30 

Utility terrain vehicles (UTV) and all terrain vehicles (ATV) have  gained wider acceptance and use in both fire service and EMS. These  vehicles can help responders take quicker action with less physical  exhaustion of department members. These vehicles not only help the EMS  providers or firefighters that use them, but also benefit the people  served by the emergency service organization. Adding UTVs and ATVs to an  Emergency Services Operations (ESO) fleet can provide great benefits  but might also present safety issues if the vehicles have not been  properly trained in the operation and maintenance. This safety program  was developed to provide refresher training for ESOs that use these  types of specialty vehicles.

Host Agency

  • Jackson Fire Rescue


  • Free

Registration Contact


  • Sun, 28 Aug 2022 —  8am - 5pm


Missouri Division of Fire Safety

Funding provided by the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) and the Missouri Fire Safety Education / Advisory Commission. State Funding sources include the DFS General Revenue (GR) Fire Training Fund and Fire Education Fund.  

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