Dry Cured Bacon Workshop

  • Face to Face


The Howell County University of Missouri Extension is holding a country cured ham and country cured bacon (pork belly) workshop for youth and adults.

Before refrigeration many Missourians cured hams and pork bellies as a method of preserving food. Country cured hams are not cooked, just preserved, the combination of salt, sugar and other spices preserves the meat without refrigeration. Country cured hams and pork bellies may bring back fond memories for older people but may be an acquired taste for younger people. Smoke houses were a common fixture on many farms and rural homes prior to refrigeration. The smoke houses were not used to actually cook the meat but to give the preserved hams and pork belly smoke flavor.

Ham and pork belly selection and the correct amount of cure applied is key to your success when curing hams and pork bellies. This is why the Howell County MU Extension is offering a “Country Cured Ham/Bacon Workshop”. Those attending will learn how the curing and aging process works. In addition participants will learn how to smoke and prepare a country cured ham for exhibition or a meal. Many youth have opportunities to exhibit cured hams at local, district and state fairs during the summer. A country cured ham makes an excellent 4-H/FFA project and a great meal for everyone. 

The workshop is one hour, Tuesday Jan.19, 2021 from 4pm-8pm. Those registering for the workshop should choose the time that works for them: 4, 5, 6, 7,. Everything will be supplied and everyone will leave with a ham ready to hang in an unheated building with good ventilation so the curing process can take place or a pork belly. Participants will also be given instructions on the aging process and how to smoke the ham/pork belly for flavor. 

Register online or by calling the Howell County Extension Center at (417) 256-2391

Cost: $25

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