Coro develops the next generation of civic leaders by immersing them in rigorous, experiential, community-based leadership training. Coro Fellows are trained to effectively work across sectors, catalyze systems, and accelerate positive change.

Since 1973, the Coro Fellows Program has equipped emerging civic leaders in the St. Louis region with the resources they need to understand how decisions are made, how complex policies are shaped, and how to influence meaningful change. Using the community as a classroom, Coro Fellows learn through interactions with private, public, and nonprofit decision-makers and work as a group to develop critical thinking, analytical, governance, and leadership skills. Coro Fellows join an unparalleled community of engaged alumni and leave the program with an understanding of how our region works and with the knowledge, skills, and network to make it better.

The Coro Fellows Program at UMSL is an intensive, nine-month, full-time, post-graduate experience for professionals who seek to develop effective leadership skills and engage in civic activities.

During the Fellowship, you’ll use the community as a classroom—through placements, seminars, issue studies, and informational interviews with key community leaders. Through these learning experiences, you’ll gain broad exposure to the St. Louis region and develop skills to make more effective decisions as future civic leaders. During the Fellowship, you’ll learn how systems influence how the St. Louis region functions, as well as how an individual’s personal values, biases, and approach to working with others can shape the outcomes they achieve.

Cost: No fee

Coro is now accepting applications for the 2023-24 Fellows cohort. Apply here by January 8, 2023:

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