Construction Management


Managing development projects takes a village. It's complicated and risky. What can you do to ensure successful finishes, stay on time and budget, and keep your team focused and working collaboratively? How do you integrate competing interests and meet a budget?

In addition, community development organizations undertake major projects to promote economic prosperity, wealth equity, housing security, and other objectives to underpin their communities. What takes place on a construction site relates to meeting those objectives, or not. The pressure to meet budget and get the best value per square foot is intense; the competition amongst contractors to get and make money on these projects is also intense. The unique nature of the construction industry is one that has established a history and reputation of contractors taking shortcuts in paying wages and adhering to safety regulations. These pressures combined with the bad actors in the industry, can result in outcomes which contravene the objectives of the non-profit, affordable housing, and community development organizations There are policies and practices which we will discuss to ensure that the worst practices do not occur and that the community economic objectives are met. We encourage project managers, real estate directors, and executive directors to come.

  • Part 1:
    The focus will be on defining the role and key tasks of a project manager, with a focus on relationships and how to make the team work as a team, what are the most important things to do during design to make construction successful, and key parts of the construction process.
  • Part 2:
    Jennifer will be joined by Mark Erlich, Fellow, Harvard Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School; they will lead a training where the focus will be on fair wages and work environments.

This event is for project managers.

This event is offered by: Mel King Institute.

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