Collaborative Leadership & Governance


This workshop will dive into the both the governance and leadership components required to support the collaborative process.

At Tamarack, Collaborative Leadership is considered a critical element of the 5 practices of community change. Collaborative Governance and Leadership weaves together the process and people aspects of effective collaboration. Practitioners will learn that it is a fine balance, requiring a deep investment in building connections and engagement while also ensuring that the practice, structure, and decision-making approach defined and effectively implemented.

Join Liz Weaver for a new virtual workshop designed to provide you an opportunity to explore the key theories related to collaborative governance, tools, and approaches. This workshop will also focus on the impact and engagement of leaders in the process of co-design and working collectively toward a shared and common goal. Participants in this interactive learning session will deepen their understanding about what is required to create the conditions for collaborative efforts to achieve their full potential. Participants will also have access to tools and resources which can be used to support and sustain collaborative efforts from idea to impact.

Learners will walk away with ideas, tools, and approaches that they can use to enhance the effectiveness of existing and new collaborative efforts. From navigating the collaborative spectrum to understanding different forms and expressions of collaborative leadership, this workshop will weave together different concepts. Come prepared to share your experience and insights as we learn together.

Registration Fee: $199 - $249 CAD

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