Chronic Disease Self-Management


There are several low-cost evidence-based programs that show promise to help older adults with chronic illnesses to take control of their own health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). The 6-week Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) developed at the Stanford Patient Education Research Center is one of the most well-studied evidence-based programs and has been selected for widespread national dissemination. This program is designed to address the complex array of health issues and self-management behaviors that cut across different chronic illnesses.
This program will assist participants in maintaining living an active and fulfilling life when faced with chronic medical conditions. This program will take place virtually and will focus on Chronic Disease Self-Management. Once a week for 6 week you will join others and a leader via conference call to learn how to live a healthier life with pain, arthritis, depression, diabetes and any other ongoing health conditions.
Cost: Free
Contact: Jennifer Eldridge Houser, [email protected], 660-397-2179
Sessions (1pm - 3pm)

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