Introduction to Neighboring 101


Often times when we think about making a community stronger we think of financial or economic gains in community. However, building social capital through networks and reciprocity actually impacts our community more. The single best way to grow social capital is with the concept of neighboring. In addition, current research shows a majority of Americans say they lack personal relationships. This leads to isolation, depression, and anger. But less than three percent of Americans say they know the names of their neighbors, know a fact about them, and have spoken to their neighbors in the last month. Developing relationships with our neighbors may provide a solution to our national epidemic of loneliness and the feelings of isolation and depression.

Neighboring takes effort, purposeful planning and time. In these monthly zoom classes we will look at the issue of neighboring by highlighting examples across the nation of where it is being done well. Active neighboring also helps people, organizations, and communities to expand the participation and breadth of voices while respecting differences and embracing the diversity that makes communities vibrant places to live, work, and play. Join host David Burton for this zoom session class and question and answer session

Cost: Free

Contact: David Burton, [email protected], 417-881-8909 

Sessions (12pm - 1pm)

Why a Neighboring Program - County Program 

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