Boost your Brain and Memory - Greene County

  • Face to Face


The class uses a whole-person approach that helps you
-form new habits to live a healthier lifestyle
-remember things better
-be more organized
-pay closer attention
-regulate your emotions
Each participant will receive a workbook including memory exercises, tips on nutrition and exercise, and summaries of evidence-based research on brain health.
Class schedule as follows (All classes run 1pm - 3pm):
Week 1 - 5/4/21
Sessions 1 & 2:
Introduction - Brain health and why it is important at any age
Physical Activity - Improving brain health and lowering the risk of dementia
Week 2 - 5/11/21
Sessions 3 & 4:
Emotional Health - Everyone has stress, learn how to keep it manageable
Intellectual Activity - Ways to challenge our brains through life-long learning
Week 3 - 5/18/21
Sessions 5 & 6:
Nutrition - How nutrition affects brain health
Spiritual Activity Ways to inspire brain health through spiritual activity
Week 4 - 5/25/21
Sessions 7 & 8:
Social Engagement - How to get the most out of social interactions
Summary - Putting all the pieces together to make lasting lifestyle changes
Cost: $20
Participants should preregister online or by calling the Greene County Extension Office at 417-881-8909.
A minimum of 5 participants required for the class to be held, in the event of cancelation, your fee will be refunded.
For ADA accommodations, contact: Amber Allen at [email protected] or 417-881-8909, 72 hours prior to the start of class. 

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