9th Annual Rheumatology Symposium - Webinar


Conference Overview:

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum for updating health professionals interested in the treatment of rheumatologic diseases, increase awareness of rheumatologic diseases and provide continuous medical education to the health care community. It is an international annual event which is well recognized and appreciated in Rheumatology Community as an educational resource on burning and upcoming issues in rheumatology. This also offers a platform to various scientific researchers to collaborate and meet to explore areas for research and share their work. We aim that the audience-participant health care professionals should be able to identify a platform for research collaboration, mutual academic growth and practice improvement through this educational event. 


  • Summarize current updates in rheumatic diseases. 
  • Discuss common rheumatic diseases and their treatment. 
  • Identify an international platform for research      collaboration, mutual academic growth & practice improvement.
  • Identify new challenges in rheumatology world with time and      generate discussion on those issues. The example is COVID-19 Pandemic and      its Rheumatologic perspective.

Presented By:

  • MU School of Medicine
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital, MU Health Care
  • Department of Child Health, Division of Pediatric Rheumatology
  • Continuing Medical Education & Physician Lifelong Learning
  • MU Extension 

Planning Committee:

  • Anjali Patwardhan, MD
    Associate Professor of Pediatric Rheumatology
    Child Health Division Director
    University of Missouri Health Care
  • Thom Pancella
    CME Associate Director
    Continuing Medical Education & Physician Lifelong Learning
    University of Missouri Extension
  •  Adam Tipton
    Senior Program/Project Support Coordinator
    Continuing Medical Education & Physician Lifelong Learning
    University of Missouri School of Medicine

Fee: $25

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