3rd Annual Howell County Equine Conference


Do you wonder if your saddle fits your horse properly? Do you have questions about the best types of grass to use for your pastures? Do you want to know strategies to reduce the amount of hay your horses waste? All of these topics will be covered at the 3rd annual Howell county equine conference on November 8th. 

Saddles can be a substantial investment and finding a saddle that you’re your horse can be hard. Charlie Sokolov, Regional Client Services Manager with Schleese Saddlery, will speak about the basic concepts of saddle fitting, and give you the ability to know if your saddle fits your horse. 

With the droughts in recent years, many pastures need to be reseeded. Dr. Sarah Kenyon, MU Extension Agronomy Specialist will speak about warm and cool season grass varieties that are best suited for horses and the southern Missouri climate. 

Considering the high cost and low availability of hay, Elizabeth Picking, MU Extension Livestock Specialist will speak about hay waste and give strategies to reduce hay waste and best utilize your hay. 

MU Extension is hosting the conference at 1376 Bill Virdon Blvd. West Plains, MO 65775 at 5:30pm. The cost to attend is $10/person and includes dinner. Accommodations for dietary restrictions can be made. For questions or to register, contact the Howell Co. extension center at 417-256-2391. 


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