25th Annual Midwest Regional Nursing Educators Conference- Practice and Academic Perspectives in Nursing Education


November 12, 2021 – Virtual Event  

November 17 to January 17, 2022 - On-demand recordings available


Purpose: This one-day, virtual conference is to provide a forum for educators from both academic and practice-based settings to gain a better understanding of the new NCLEX – clinical judgement model and how to apply in the classroom as well as at the bedside. Gain a clearer understanding of the balancing act between students/new employee needs and the preceptor capabilities. Discuss current training practices for preceptors and identify potential gaps in preparation and competency expectations. Make a plan on how to improve preceptor confidence and competencies through support and ongoing training.


Now more than ever, nurses are leaving the field due to burn out and stress from work related to trauma. Cultivating retention will be explored and discussed as we learn more about trauma informed practice, care and stewardship.


The impact of resilience training is profound on a personal and professional level. Learn more about HeartMath from a certified trainer and create a personal wellness plan!


This interactive conference will provide participants with new ideas and tools to enhance the teaching-learning process.

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