2021 Statewide Forage and Livestock Series


Join us Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 10:15 am to learn about Forages and Livestock topics in Missouri. 

Session topics include:

Wednesday, January 13: Feeding Stored Forages
-Evaluating Forage Stands, Ray Smith, University of Kentucky
-Stretching Hay Supply, Eric Bailey, University of Missouri
-Safely Buying Hay- What to Look for, James Rogers, University of Arkansas Noble Foundation

Wednesday, January 20: Native Forages for Missouri
-Native Warm Season Grass, Pat Keyser, University of Tennessee
-Wildlife Benefits of Native Warm Season Grasses, Bob Pierce, University of Missouri and Rick Rath, Missouri Department of Conservation

Wednesday, January 27: Beef Nutrition
-Livestock Rumen Nutrition, Reagan Bluel, University of Missouri
-Tracking Animal Performance

Wednesday, February 3: Livestock Farm Profitability
-Tracking Overall Farm Profitability, Wesley Tucker, University of Missouri
-Understanding the Market to Spread Risk, Scott Brown, University of Missouri

Wednesday, February 10: Cutting Edge - Pasture Fertility
-Soil Health VS Soil Fertility- Test Definitions, Todd Lorenz, University of Missouri
-Soil Health and Grazing
- Precision Ag for Forage-Based Systems, Kent Shannon, University of Missouri

Cost: Free

Contact: Jill Scheidt, [email protected], 417-682-3579

Sessions (9:00am -10:15am)

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