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All Sessions start at 9am and run until 11am.

The Heartful Living program is a novel, self-inquiry-based clinic that places heart health for all generations, and especially older adults, within the context of using conscious, doable fasting to promote health, longevity and even greater mental health. Dr. Chockalingam counsels for “smiling” and meditation, for exercise and altruistic behavior.

Dr. Anne Deaton, co-founder of MU’s Deaton Institute and founder and president of the nonprofit organization Children’s Grove, brought the program to Osher and says this of her experience with Dr. Chockalingam: “Brady and I thoroughly enjoyed the course you recently offered on Zoom. You have a warm, sincere and caring demeanor that reinforces your message and passion for sharing it.”

Each session involves a 60-minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of self-inquiry and mindfulness practice and 30 minutes of Q&A with open discussion.

Jan 25: Who Am I? Ancient Siddha yoga and the latest positive psychology tools for SMILE and effortless holistic wellness as well as sitting meditation.

Feb 1: Am I Eating Right? Exploring the role of various diets, nutrition, HUGEx, intermittent fasting and calorie restriction in heart health; and eating mindfulness. 

Feb. 8: Am I Exercising Enough? Understanding our body, its potential, EASE and experimenting safely to achieve healthy aging, along with moving naturally.

Feb. 15: Am I Happy Today? Scope of sleep, active relaxation, mindfulness, flow, ACE-70 and Ikigai in finding life’s meaning with “Heartful Living” at the source; and wholehearted living and the HiLife program.

Instructor: Anand Chockalingam is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Missouri, based in Columbia since 2006. His major interest is stress cardiomyopathy, mental stress and holistic interventions, with over 65 publications. He has pioneered eight-week “Heartful Living” cardiac wellness group clinics both in the U.S. and India, based on self-inquiry. Since 2015, hundreds of patients have “effortlessly” lost weight and overcome heart disease while really enjoying life! His methods help doctors increase resilience and avoid burnout.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Missouri is offering this course at no cost to registrants. [email protected] is a continuing education program for Missourians age 50 plus. Osher students take classes, join clubs and connect with their classmates, all for the sheer joy of learning. The program offers more than 75 non-credit courses over four semesters each academic year – because curiosity never retires. [email protected] started online learning on March 30, 2020.

This series is being offered at no cost to registrants

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