Rules for Missouri Ambulance Districts

XXI. Glossary, Abbreviations and Acronyms

AD — Ambulance District

ADA — Americans with Disabilities Act

AD&D — Accidental Death and Dismemberment (see A&S)

AED — Automated External De?brillator aka Automatic External De?brillator

AGO — Attorney General’s Office

AIDS — Acquired Immune De?ciency Syndrome (see HIV)

aka — also known as

ALS — Advanced Life Support

A&S — Accident and Sickness (see AD&D)

ASAP — As Soon As Possible

AV — Assessed Valuation (see FMV; see MV)

BEMS — Bureau of EMS (Missouri)

BLS — Basic Life Support

BNDD — Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (DEA predecessor)

BOD — Board of Directors

CDC — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CLIA — Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

CMS — Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CPA — Certi?ed Public Accountant

CPI — Consumer Price Index

CSR — Code of State Regulation

DEA — Drug Enforcement Agency (federal; see BNDD)

DHSS — Department of Health and Senior Services (Missouri)

DOJ — Department of Justice (federal)

DOLIR — Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (Missouri)

DOT — Department of Transportation (federal)

ED — Emergency Director, Emergency Department

ED — Eastern District (Court of Appeals)

EEO — Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC — Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EFT — Electronics Fund Transfer

EIN — Employer Identi?cation Number (see FEIN)

EMS — Emergency Medical Services

EMT — Emergency Medical Technician

EMT B — EMT-Basic

EMT I — EMT-Intermediate

EMT P — Paramedic

E&O — Errors and Omissions insurance (see GL)

EpiPen — Epinephrine auto-injector brand name

EPA — Environmental Protection Agency (federal)

ERMA — Emergency Medical Response Agency

EEZ — Economic Enhancement Zones (see TIF)

FASB — Financial Accounting Standards Board (see GASB)

FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation

FC — Fire Chief or Fire Captain

FCA — False Claims Act

FDIC — Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FEIN — Federal Employer Identi?cation Number (see EIN)

FEMA — Federal Emergency Management Association

FLSA — Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA — Family Medical Leave Act

FMV — Fair Market Value aka MV (see AV)

FRTI — Fire and Rescue Training Institute (University of Missouri) aka MUFRTI

GAAP — Generally accepted accounting principles

GASB — Government Accounting Standards Board (see FASB)

GF — General Fund

GINA — Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

GIS — Geographic Information Services

GL — General Liability insurance (see E&O)

HIPAA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HITECH — Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health

HIV — Human Immunode?ciency Virus (see AIDS)

HSS — Health and Human Services (federal)

IOG — Office of Inspector General (of CMS)

IP — Individual personal Property aka PP (see RE; see RP)

IRC — Internal Revenue Code

IRS — Internal Revenue Service

LAGERS — Local Government Employees Retirement System (Missouri)

LODD — Line Of Duty Death

MA — Mutual Aid

MAA — Missouri Ambulance Association

MAC — Missouri Association of Counties

MAPPI — Missouri Association for Public Purchasing (see NIGP)

MARC — Mid-America Regional Council

MEC — Missouri Ethics Commission

MEMSA — Missouri EMS Association

MML — Missouri Municipal League

MOCPS — Missouri Center for Patient Safety

MoDOT — Missouri Department of Transportation

MUFRTI — University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute aka FRTI

MOU — Memorandum of Understanding

MSBA — Missouri School Board Association

MV — Market Value aka FMV (see AV)

NAP — National Association of Parliamentarians

NHTSA — National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NIGP — National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (see MAPPI)

NIMS — National Incident Management System

NPI — National Provider Identi?er

OSHA — Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PALS — Pediatric Advanced Life Support

PCR — Patient Care Report

PF — Pension Fund

PP — Personal Property aka IP (see RE; see RP)

PPE — Personal Protective Equipment

PSES — Patient Safety Evaluation System

PSO — Patient Safety Organization

PSOB — Public Safety Officer Bene?ts

RE — Real Estate property (see IP; see PP) aka RP

RP — Real property (see IP; see PP) aka RE

RSMo — Revised Statutes of Missouri
§ — section
§§ — sections

SCHIP — State Children’s Health Insurance Program

SD — Sheriff’s Department or Southern District (of Appeals)

SFMO — State Fire Marshal Office

SOG — Standard Operating Guideline (see SOP)

SOP — Standard Operating Procedure (see SOG)

SoS — Secretary of State

TIF — Tax Increment Financing (see EEZ)

USC — United States Code

WD — Western District (Court of Appeals)