Tackling the Tough Skills Training 2020

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Tackling the Tough Skills is a self-paced course designed with you in mind. This course is about where you've been, what you've learned from experiences, and how to use this information to build a better life. Explore topics that will help you succeed in the workplace and in life.

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Course Information

Your Instructor

Christina Edholm
Christina Edholm  

Meet your instructor, Christina Edholm. Christina is a Field Specialist in Human Development and Family Sciences serving the west central part of Missouri. She  may be contacted via e-mail at, [email protected].

For any questions or concerns about the course, feel free to contact Christina directly, or use the Course Questions discussion board. The course questions discussion board can be seen by all participants in the class, so it should be used wisely. 


Course Objectives

By completing this course, you will:

  • Identify characteristics needed to be productive and successful in the workplace and life.
  • Increase self-awareness of personality traits  that may affect attitude, communication skills, conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • Practice stress management techniques.
  • Learn what opportunities will be best for you and the steps to achieve it
  • Learn how to prepare for an interview and land the job!

Course Description

This is a self-paced course designed with you in mind. This course is made of 7 modules, or chapters, covering topics that will help you succeed in the workplace and in life. This course should take you about 30 minutes per module, or about 3.5 to 4 hours for the entire course. 

The modules within this course are designed to be completed in the order they are shown. If you must exit the course before a module has been completed, simply log out. Once you log back in, pick up right where you left off by clicking on the Modules tab, and look for the pages with a green check-mark (these are the pages you have already viewed). You will know if you have completed a module if all of the pages are marked with a green check-mark, you have completed the discussion(s) for that module, and the next module has been unlocked. If the next module isn't unlocked, you haven't completed a task within the previous module. 


Our discussion forums and course communications are important venues for exchanging ideas and promoting learning. Your instructor and fellow participants wish to foster a safe online learning environment. All opinions and experiences, no matter how different or controversial they may be perceived, must be respected in the tolerant spirit of academic discourse. Constructive criticism and questions are encouraged, however, you will be expected to remain professional and courteous in all of your posts.  You are encouraged to comment, question, or critique an idea, but you are not to attack an individual.

Our differences, some of which are outlined in the University's nondiscrimination statement, will add richness to this learning experience. Please consider that sarcasm and humor can be misconstrued in online interactions and generate unintended disruptions. Working as a community of learners, we can build a polite and respectful course ambience. As your instructor, I do reserve the right to delete any forum posts or blog entries I deem to be inappropriate for the course. (adapted from Online Teaching Foundations)

Course Completion

In order to meet the completion criteria for this course, you must:

  1. View and read all content pages
  2. Post a response in EACH discussion
  3. Fill out the end-of-course survey on the last page

Technical Requirements

 For the best user experience, we recommend you use  Google Chrome (63/64) as your browser.

Canvas works well with many mobile devices.  Try downloading the free app to your phone or tablet. 

You can find more information regarding technical requirements on the Canvas website.

For technical support, please contact  Customer Support.

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