Healthy Yards for Clear Streams- Spring 2021

  • Date: Feb. 23, 2021 - May 15, 2021
  • Format: online
Healthy Yards for Clear Streams is designed to help you be environmentally responsible with lawn and landscape practices. By implementing the practices learned in this program, you will be able to reduce your annual use of fertilizers and pesticides needed to maintain your landscape, and prevent what chemicals you do apply from entering your local waterways. The end result is a beautiful yard that also helps protect water quality.

Agriculture & Environment

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Welcome to Healthy Yards for Clear Streams!

This course is designed to help you be more environmentally responsible with lawn and landscape practices. Our goal is to promote practices that create beautiful lawns, gardens, and landscapes while reducing unnecessary use of pesticides and fertilizers that may run off and contaminate local streams and waterways.

Course Structure


The course is organized in seven modules. We will kick things off on February 23 where participants not familiar with Extension’s online learning format will be given a brief orientation and receive materials for the first module. The module contains short, pre-recorded videos on the week’s subject, along with a self-assessment quiz, and a simple assignment. There will also be a discussion forum so participants can ask questions as they come to mind during the week as they view the videos or work on their assignment.  

Then on the following Tuesday, March 2, there will be a live "Ask the Expert" Zoom session where the presenter answers questions posted in the forum as well as any others participants might bring to the evening. The session will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend.

The following day, you will be given materials for the next module and the process repeats until the final live Zoom session on April 13.

Course Schedule

February 23 thru March 2: Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants

March 3 thru March 9: Right Plant, Right Place

March 10 thru March 16: Basic Lawn Care

March 17 thru March 23: Gardens & Groundcovers

March 24 thru March 30: Basic Tree Care

March 31 thru April 6: Integrated Pest Management

April 7 thru April 13: Stormwater Management

Yard of Merit Course Completion Certificate

Complete the assignments in all seven modules and you will receive your ‘Yard of Merit’ certificate, signifying successful completion of the course.

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