Washington County

Farmers Market

Bringing local produce to the community

Washington County Farmers Market operates from April to October in two locations.

Spring market begins in April (weather permitting) with vendors providing bedding plants and the earliest produce to the area, as it becomes available. Come mid-June the market season kicks off the market season with participation from all market vendors. From April to June you will find market vendors at the county Courthouse between 7:30 a.m. to noon, or sell out.

Summer market kicks off on the first Wednesday after the Fourth of July at the Washington County Health Department pavilion. Vendors will be on site from 7:30 a.m. to noon or sell out.

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    How do I join the market?

    Joining the market depends on what products and how frequently you intend to sell. Review the selections below to determine which category fits you. If you are not sure or would like to consult with a market representative, contact the extension center at 573-438-2671.

    1. Farmers membership — $25 membership fee is to be paid before or on opening day of the market in June. To qualify for this membership, vendors must comply with item number three of the Market Rules. This membership comes with voting and office holding privileges of the governing market body.
    2. Season Pass holder — allows renter to pay the member price of $25 instead of the $10 per market day fee and participate at any time during the regular market season.
    3. Visiting vendor — one day rental of $10 per space, payable on market day to the market manager

    For more details, refer to the "Market rules" section below.

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    Market rules

    Revised February 2016

    1. Location, days, months, hours of operation:
      • Spring season – Courthouse – First Saturday in April to June with perennials and early spring produce from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. or sell out.
      • Summer season – Courthouse – Third Saturday in June to last Saturday in October from 7:30 a.m. to noon or sell out.
      • Summer season – Washington County Health Department – First Wednesday following the Fourth of July until the last Wednesday in October from 7:30 a.m. to noon or sell out.
      • Regular market season is mid-June to the end of October. Sellers may pull into stalls one hour before sale time, but MAY NOT begin selling until opening time.
    2. It is the responsibility of the individual sellers to maintain a clean and healthful condition within their assigned area, and to leave that area free of debris prior to closing each market day. All products should be displayed as attractively as possible.
    3. Fresh flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables grown or acquired by Washington County producers are eligible for sale. Twenty–five percent of the produce must have been grown by the vendor.
    4. Each seller must also furnish display racks or tables, sacks and change (money). Each seller may set their own prices. Prices should be set in keeping with customer satisfaction and consideration of other sellers at the market.
    5. Stall space will be on a first–come basis.
    6. Disputes are left up to the discretion of the Market Manager. The market manager may take the dispute to the Washington County Farmers' Market Committee for further input.
    7. Daily fees and Season pass: rentals available for June through October paid before or on opening day in June.
      • Daily rental fee shall be $10 per space, payable each market day to the market manager.
      • Season pass allows renter to pay the membership price of $25 instead of the $10 per market day fee and participate at any time during the regular market season. Season pass holders may bring concerns to the governing body but will not have voting privileges.
    8. Farmers membership: Farmers complying with item number three, will pay a $25 membership fee to be paid before or on opening day in June. The primary effort of the market is to allow local farmers to offer their produce to the community directly. To that end, the farmers will be the governing (voting) body of the market. From this assembly, the market manager, market chair, secretary, treasure and directors will be elected as to comply with the State of Missouri's Articles of Incorporation of a Nonprofit Corporation required by Missouri Farm Bureau Federation policy for the Missouri Farmers Market Association.
    9. The Washington County Farmer's Market will not be responsible for any accidents.
    10. No drugs or alcohol will be allowed on the premises.
    11. One food vendor, per market day, for non-profit organization such as Boy Scouts, schools, churches, VFW, 4-H, etc., may prepare, cook and sell their product beginning in June and continuing through October. Vendor must notify the University of Missouri Extension Office by Thursday of the week they wish to sell. ?Vendor must obtain a "voucher" from the Extension Office to present to the market manager on the day of sell.
    12. Hand-produced or hand-crafted products made from wood, metal, cloth or any other materials may be sold on Saturdays beginning in June and continuing to the end of October. This is limited to the first six persons who contact the University of Missouri Extension office by Thursday of that week and must pay the daily $10 rental fee before or on market day.
      • If you choose to pay prior to market day, the Extension Office will give you a receipt that you must present to the Market Manager.
    13. Baked goods requirements — Baked goods are permissible but are required to have a label with the makers name, address and phone number listed on it. Also, a list of ingredients is required. No meringue, mayo or anything that should be refrigerated based on perishability. Breads, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, etc. are acceptable.
    14. Canned goods — NO canned goods permitted EXCEPT for jam, jell and honey. In order to sell other home canned products, the facility must have a Missouri Department of Health inspection. All food product that is exempt from the inspection must also have a statement on the label that the "Food was prepared in a facility not subject to inspection by the Missouri Department of Health." Name and address must also be listed on the label.
    15. Eggs are allowed at the market if licensed. Cartons must be labeled with - farm name, license number, and date collected. Copy of the permit must be on file before selling or membership is granted.
    16. Meat selling — see Health Department.
    17. No livestock.
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    Market contact information

    Shawnee Crocker is the office manager for the Washington County Extension Center and is the primary contact for general market information and membership.

    Contact Shawnee

    Shawnee Douglas from the Washington County Health Department should be contacted with questions regarding the growing season calendar program, which provides senior discounts for the market. Shawnee can be contacted at 520 Purcell Drive, Potosi, MO 63664 or 573-438-2164.

    Email Shawnee

    Marvin Scott is the market manger. If you would like to speak with Mr. Scott, please contact Shawnee Douglas with that request.