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Plans and reports

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  1. Family Nutrition Program - FY2020 Annual Report (PDF)

    FNEP Family Nutrition Program Annual Report - Fiscal Year 2020

  2. 2020 Wayne County Annual Report (PDF)

    See how Wayne County Extension responded to COVID-19 challenges in 2020. Featured programs: Wayne County Weekly Adventures; Buddy Benches; 4-H Excellence; Nutrition, Health and STEM Outreach; Tai Chi; and more! Experience the Mother of All ...

  3. 2020 New Madrid County Annual Report (PDF)

    New Madrid County Extension continues in 2020 to provide education, outreach and service to the people of New Madrid county. Whether virtually, in-person or through social media, New Madrid County Extension continues to partner with stakeholders in ...

  4. 2020 Mississippi County Annual Report (PDF)

    Learn more about what happened in Mississippi County in 2020.

Results 1-12 of 64 results