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WebAdmin timeout counter instructions

When you are working on either the county home page or a subpage, you have 170 minutes between when you open the file and save the file. If 170 minutes passes before you click save, your session ends, you are automatically logged out and you will get an error message if you try to save your page, resulting in losing all your changes.

So, if you open a page, leave your desk and come back, you may have exceeded your timeout limit.

We've added a timeout countdown meter to the status bar of the browser as seen in this screenshot.


If you do not see this counter after having the page open for more than one minute, then you may need to change a setting in your browser to allow the counter to display.

Internet Explorer

Click Tools  > Internet Options (last item on the menu)

Choose the Security tab, then click Local intranet

Click Sites > Advanced (button)

Under Add this website to the zone, type or paste then click Add

There should NOT be a check next to Require server vreification

Click Close, OK, OK

You should be able to see the counter now (after you've had a page open for one minute).





  Kate Akers, Technical and training support
  DeeAnna Adkins, Editorial style and design support