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These are basic templates for University Outreach and Extension Web pages. The templates contain comment lines which explain how features such as meta tags should be used. Comments are extra text that is in the HTML file, but will not show up with the page is displayed in a browser. Comments appear in purple when the page is opened in the FrontPage editor

The informational comments can be stripped out when you customize the template.

You can substitute the blue version of the logo if you prefer it to black. See the Extension logos page for details on usage.

To use these templates, click on the link to the template, then go to the "file" menu on your browser and choose "save as...". Save the file to your hard drive, then you can open it in whatever editor you want.

  • basic_page.html This template contains a header and footer. The header section has meta tags where you can add a description and keywords about the content of the page. The footer contains the Extension logo and a place for the name and e-mail address of your Web page contact person. You may also include an office address (snail mail) and phone number in the footer.
  • footer.html  
    This template just contains the standard UO/E footer. You should insert the appropriate contact information and addresses.

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