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Need a graphic or icon?

There is a limited library of graphics on the Extension site which you may use on any page associated with University of Missouri Extension.

University of Missouri Extension Logos contains variations of the Extension logo, blue and black, small and large, transparent and white backgrounds. You may use any of these which is appropriate to your organization. Questions about logo usage should be directed to George Laur, extension publications coordinator. 

4-H Images
Images for 4-H Youth pages

Missouri Maps

NEW - Higher quality image files for print use and customizing.
Missouri state shape outline w/no interior lines
Missouri outline w/county boundaries
Missouri outline w/county boundaries and names
Missouri outline w/extension region and county boundaries

Missouri House of Rep districts (2002)
   State map showing districts
   Inset maps showing urban districts for St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield areas contains Missouri maps with the appropriate counties colored in, to indicate where it is located in the state. contains local maps of each county. contains maps of the counties comprising each University of Missouri Extension region.

Small Program Icons / Logos 
   Master Gardener & Jr MG icons

Animated Images contains some public domain animated .gif images.

Background Images contains some background paper images. Be careful when using backgrounds that you don't make your content unreadable. There are some left-margin images that add a bit of color, while keeping he main content area plain white for readability.

Bullets contains a variety of bullets and other tiny graphics.

Horizontal Lines contains horizontal separator lines for breaking up pages of text.

Miscellaneous Icons contains a variety of symbols and icons.

Using graphics on
How to use any of graphics in the directories listed above:
* If your pages are on the (also aliased as site, all you need to do is use the location of these graphics in your page, such as: <img src="/images/bullets/blue_swirl.gif"> would give you: .

If your pages are on a different server, you can go to the image you want, save it on your hard drive, then FTP it along with your Web pages to your server.

There are many other places on the Web where you can find graphics to use. If they are included in a library of clearly marked "public domain" graphics, you can use them on your pages. Be aware that there are some sites with graphics you can save and use, but they ask to be given credit for where you got them. Be cautious of "stealing" graphics directly off someone else's pages -- they may have spent many hours creating a unique, original "look" and consider it their trademark. Digital content is governed by the same copyright laws as print material.

Extension web page templates

Extension identity guidelines and print templates

Places to get graphics:
(Be careful about copyrights!)

Microsoft Clipart Gallery


Yahoo! clip-art


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