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This agreement is between University of Missouri Extension and the user indicated below. The statements set forth below will be enforced by the Extension webmaster and the system administrator with the full endorsement of University of Missouri Extension administration. 

The user agrees to the following:

  1. Information stored on the server called (also aliased as,, and is for educational, instructional or administrative purposes. All information stored on will be suitable for all audiences and will not violate personnel or learner privacy.
  2. Use of for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  3. University of Missouri Extension Web publishing accounts are issued for the purpose of supporting an organizational (county, program, etc.) website. Each account is assigned to a designated user who is responsible for controlling access to the account. The primary user will NOT share his/her login ID and password with anyone else and will change the password regularly.
  4. Users will not store, publish or transmit obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable material on the system. Such actions will result in prompt termination of system privileges.
  5. Users will not store, publish or transmit illegal ("pirated") software or other copyrighted data that lacks proper licensing or permission. Such actions will result in prompt termination of system privileges.
  6. Users will conserve disk space by removing unnecessary files from their Web account. 
  7. Users may publish information about themselves only insofar as it is directly related and relevant to their responsibilities as an employee of University of Missouri Extension. will not be used to house "personal websites" for general self-promotion.
  8. Users are expected to follow the University of Missouri Extension Web publishing policies.
  9. The Web server(s) system is an electronic community. Users are community members and as such must be considerate of other users. Thus, users will attend to their own files and directories and leave others alone.  Users shall inform Extension Technology and Computing Services (ETCS), or the Extension Web Manager, Kate Akers (, if a problem arises with your account or the server(s).
  10. University of Missouri Extension reserves the right to review any material stored on the Web server and will remove any material which violates any element of this agreement or other University of Missouri policies.
  11. University of Missouri Extension operates a reliable and effective computing environment and network, but extension does not warrant that the system will meet any specific user requirement or that the system will be error free or uninterrupted. The University of Missouri shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages sustained or incurred on connection with the use or inability to use the system.

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Last revised: 12/12/06
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