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Customizing your county office front page

Adding a photo

You can add a photo to your county front page very easily, but in order for it to fit the format, it must be sized within this range:
   Height - minimum 130 pixels, maximum 142 pixels
   Width - maximum 300 pixels (no minimum width)

You can use a photo of your office, a group photo of your staff, a photo of a local landmark, historic building, or natural scenery.  EXAMPLE

To get you started, we have a few photos already sized and ready to place. You don't need to copy or save these photos, just use the URL of their current location. Copy the URL from your browser, then switch to FrontPage, click "insert image" and paste the address into the URL field. Click OK and the image will appear on your page.  here are the photos

Seasonal photos:
We have loads of photos located here that you can use. Just copy and paste the URL for the photo -- you do NOT need to save the photo and store a copy of it in your own web site.


Adding News and prominent links on your main page

Below the main graphic with links to the topic pages, there is space to add timely announcements and links to pages about featured programs and events. If you add a link to something in this space, it's very important that it lead users to timely information.

Also, please be aware that category pages were designed to give people a comprehensive overview of the resources and services available from MU Extension on each topic. If you place a link on your main page that takes people directly to a sub-category of one of those topics, they may miss other resources that could be useful to them. 

Adding a 4-H link on the front

Here are two graphics that can be used for linking on the front page of your county site to your 4-H page:
   4-H Logo     4-H Bullet
You can use either of these with a table to announce events, deadlines, etc. One of these can be placed below the main graphic. Here's an example.

Don't save these images into your own web. Just use the URL for the main image: 

Don't forget to add "alternate text" for all your images in the "Image Properties".

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Last revised: 12/12/06
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