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FCE Clubs in Webster County

Webster County Association for Family and Community Education (FCE) is an organization of volunteers who have been a strong voice in promoting a healthier and better life for individuals, families and communities.  Building on the strength of the family as the center of a strong citizenry, FCE has a rich history of accomplishments.  Keeping pace with the evolving needs of society, FCE focuses today on the following major concerns:

bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Family Life/Children & TV

TV Tune Out Violence Day is April 5th.  We collect signed pledges from families asking them to honor this day and not watch any TV programs with violence.

Child Advocacy Day -- In January, our members go to Jefferson City, Missouri, taking with them as many cuddly dolls as we’ve collected and made during the year.  These dolls are given to our state legislators, who in turn find childlren with special needs for these dolls.  Some of our dolls have found their way to young children who’ve been severely abused.  We feel good that in a small way we’ve helped to give them some comfort.  These dolls also help remind our legislators that children are to be considered when they are making decisions for our state.


bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Literacy

Reading Buddy Programs -- Members volunteer to go into our local elementary school and read with the children.

Essay Contest -- FCE sponsors an essay contest for all Webster County schools.  All 4th graders are encouraged to participate in an essay entitled “What A Family Means To Me.”  These essays are judged on the county level and the winners are forwarded to be judged on the state level.  Prizes are awarded to the winners.

Young Authors -- Students are encouraged to write stories on things they see, live or imagine.

Golden Books -- FCE provided the opportunity to purchase the Golden Books at a substantially reduced price.  We have given these out to families who can’t afford to purchase them.  This encourages young children to have an interest in reading at a pre-school level.


bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Environmental / Global

Our focus is on clean water, clean air, and household dangers.  We believe in being prepared for emergency responses.

Pennies for Friendship -- ACWW, an affiliate of FCE,  is a down-to-earth approach to promoting international goodwill.  Its aims are to improve the standard of living for families.  FCE members from all over the world are asked to donate their lowest  coin of their country to help continue this worthwhile cause.  We also study the customs of various countries.  This year India is the chosen country, and we are collecting through various means to pay for the services of a doctor in India for one year.


bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes)
Family Health

Through workshops and programs, we promote good family health habits, learn about aspects of home based health care, and study health care plans and changes in health insurance.

Times change, but the needs of people remain the same.  The strength of the National Association for Family and Community Education is the commitment of its membership in caring for and sharing with others.

If you would like to know more about FCE and its local clubs, contact the Webster County Extension Center in Marshfield, Missouri at 417-859-2044 or by e-mail at

Webster County Family & Community Education Association Clubs (FCE)
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Bowen Happy Hour
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month
Laverne Chisum, President
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Community Sunshine
Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month
Dorene Yearian, President
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Friendship Extension Homemakers
Meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month
Jeannie Moreno, President

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