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Access publications from the University of Missouri Extension Center in Webster County. Contact us via e-mail at if you have questions not answered here.

Extension Factsheets

bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Extension Publications Library
    Online access to University of Missouri Extension's guidesheets, which cover a
    wide variety of topics in agriculture, horticulture, food preservation and nutrition,
    water quality and environmental stewardship, family issues, business and
    industry, community development, and public concerns.
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Extension InfoLine
    A collection of short, practical informational articles on home, family, nutrition,
    farm and garden topics from University of Missouri and Kansas State Extension
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Missouri Alternatives Center
    A list of links of Extension Guidesheets from some of the top university research
    centers in the world. On these links you will be able to find information on
    everything you want to raise or grow -- from asparagus to watermelons, and
    aquaculture to worms.
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Ag Engineering Edge
    Short articles with useful tips and timely advice about structures, ventilation,
    energy management, water and waste systems, forage and soil conservation,
    machinery and safety.
bullet-blue-tiny.gif (529 bytes) Agriculture & Rural Zoning in Missouri
    Overview of zoning and land use, how courts and the state legislature are
    addressing ag land use and zoning issues.

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