Presentation: March 15, 2018

Composting and Mulching — Master Gardener Meeting, Marshfield, Mo.


Composting and Mulching: screen version (PDF)print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, natural resource engineering specialist


MU Extension publication G5956, Making and Using Compost

MU Extension publication G6957, How to Build a Compost Bin

MU Extension publication G6960, Mulches

MU Extension publication G6958, Grass Clippings, Compost and Mulch: FAQs

Compost Analysis — University of Missouri Extension

Control of Nuisance and Detrimental Molds (Fungi) in Mulches and Composts — Ohio State University

Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass Clippings — North Carolina State University

Worm Composting — Missouri Department of Natural Resources

MU Extension publication MP906, Community Gardening Toolkit

Compost thermometer examples

The Complete Guide to Home Composting (commercial site)