Presentation: October 12, 2017

Greenhouse and High Tunnel Workshop — Mountain Grove, Mo.


Water Testing and Interpretation: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resource engineering specialist


Irrigation resources

Irrigation Formulas and Rules of Thumb (PDF)

Water testing guides

Water Analysis — University of Missouri

Interpreting Water Quality Test Results for Fruit and Vegetable Production (PDF) — University of Tennessee Extension

Understanding Irrigation Water Test Results and Their Implications on Nursery and Greenhouse Crop Management (PDF) — University of Kentucky

MU Extension publication WQ655, Effects of Water pH on the Stability of Pesticides

Alkalinity Control for Irrigation Water Used in Nurseries and Greenhouses (PDF) — North Carolina State University

Drip Chemigation: Injecting Fertilizer, Acid and Chlorine — University of Georgia Extension

Fertilizer Injectors: Selection, Maintenance and Calibration — University of Georgia Extension

Fertigation Injection Schedule Calculator for Selected Vegetables — Noble Foundation

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers

Example suppliers of testing equipment

Commercial testing laboratories

Example suppliers of venturi injectors/proportioners

Example suppliers of positive displacement injectors/proportioners