Presentation: June 3, 2017

Composting and Mulching — Master Gardener Advanced Workshop, Ozark, Mo.


Composting and Mulching: screen version (PDF)print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, natural resource engineering specialist


MU Extension publication G5956, Making and Using Compost

MU Extension publication G6957, How to Build a Compost Bin

MU Extension publication G6960, Mulches

MU Extension publication G6958, Grass Clippings, Compost and Mulch: FAQs

Compost Analysis (MU Extension)

Control of Nuisance and Detrimental Molds (Fungi) in Mulches and Composts (Ohio State University)

Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass Clippings (NC State University)

Worm Composting (MO Dept. of Natural Resources)

Homemade Tumbler Composter

MU Extension publication MP906, Community Gardening Toolkit

Compost thermometer examples

The Complete Guide to Home Composting (commercial site)