Presentations: Jan. 28, 2017

2017 Webster County Diversified Agriculture Conference — Marshfield, Mo.


Building Better Fescue to Feed: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —  Tim Schnakenberg, MU Extension agronomy specialist

Poultry Biosecurity and Disease Control: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —  Bill Pittenger, Poultry Health Program Manager, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Poultry Housing: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —  Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resource engineering specialist

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD): What Do I Do Now?: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Dr. Craig Payne, MU Extension State Veterinarian

Effective Weed Control with Sprayers and Weed Wipers: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —  Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resource engineering specialist

Dealing with Johnsongrass, Sericea, and other Problem Weeds: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —  Sarah Kenyon, MU Extension agronomy specialist



MU Extension publication G4646, Tall Fescue

MU Extension publication G4669, Tall Fescue Toxicosis

Aliance for Grassland Renewal

MU Extension publication G4652, Seeding Rates, Dates and Depths for Common Missouri Forages


Backyard Chickens — Resources from a 2011 Workshop in Springfield, Mo.


Drugs Transitioning from Over-the-Counter (OTC) to Prescription (Rx) Status (PDF)

Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP Vet) — This phone app provides users with labeling information for more than 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and other products from more than 200 manufacturers and distributors.

Missouri Beef Resource Guide — University of Missouri Extension


Ag Site Assessment Tool — University of Missouri Extension

MU Extension publication G1916, Pesticide Application Safety

Spray Nozzle Selection

Delavan Spray Nozzle Selection (PDF)

Calibration of Broadcast and Boomless Sprayers (PDF)

MU Extension publication G7510, Pesticide Dilution Table

MU Extension publication G1272, Spray Mix Calculations

Spray Adjuvants — Penn State Extension

How to Do a Jar Test for Pesticide Compatibility — University of Massachusetts

Examples of weed wipers

Agriculture and Livestock Apps - Changing the Face of Farm Management (PDF)


MU Extension publication G4872, Johnsongrass Control

MU Extension publication M169, A Guide to the Common Forages and Weeds of Pastures

Pasture Weed and Brush Control for the Ozarks (PDF)

Missouri Online Weed Identification Guide — searchable

Poisonous plants — a collection of poisonous plant databases

Spotted knapweed identification and control

MU Extension publication G9215, Soil Sampling Pastures

MU Extension publication G9217, Soil Sampling Hayfields and Row Crops

MU Extension publication G9112, Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports

MU Extension publication G9107, Missouri Limestone Quality: What is ENM?