Presentations: Jan. 25, 2017

Technology in Farming — National Farmers Convention, Springfield, MO


Technology and Agriculture: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Dr. Leon Schumacher, natural resource engineering specialist

Variable Rate Technology: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Kent Shannon, natural resource engineering specialist

Grain Safety Technology: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, natural resource engineering specialist


Grain Bin Safety (YouTube video) – 1:51 min. — University of Missouri Extension

Grain Bin Rescue Training (YouTube video) – 1:40 min.— University of Missouri Extension Fire and Rescue Training Institute (FRTI)

Labor Talk: Grain Bin Safety (YouTube video) – 3:51 min. — Missouri Department of Labor

Safety on the Farm: Grain Bins & Augers (YouTube video) - 4:25 min.— National Farmers Union

Grain Safety Training — Grain Handling Safety Coalition

MU Extension publication G1969, Safe Storage and Handling of Grain

Grain Bin Entrapmentand Engulfment – Causes, Prevention and Rescue (PDF) — University of Arkansas

MU Extension publication G1950, Responding to Farm Accidents

Construction of a Low-Cost Coffer Dam for Grain Bin Rescue (PDF) — Mississippi State University