Presentations: Oct. 20, 2012

Southern Missouri Sheep and Goat Field Day


Economics of Sheep and Goat Production: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —Wesley Tucker, agriculture business specialist

Producing and Storing Quality Hay: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —Bob Schultheis, natural resource engineering specialist

Alternative Feeding Strategies: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) —Charlotte Clifford-Rathert, DVM, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension & Research, Jefferson City, MO 573-681-5169

Limited vs. Intensive Management: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Dr. Jodie Pennington, Small Ruminant Specialist, Lincoln University Extension  and  Dr. Helen Swartz, State Extension Specialist, Lincoln University Extension, 573-681-5551 


Missouri Alternatives Center

Goats (eXtension)

Goat Research (Langston University)

Web-based Training and Certification Program for Meat Goat Producers (Langston University)

Goat Diseases and Farm Herd-Health Safety (Lincoln University)

Sustainable Control of Internal Parasites in Small Ruminant Production

Maryland Small Ruminant Page (University of Maryland Extension)

American Dairy Goat Association

Missouri Hay Directory

Poisonous Plants Databases

MU Extension publication G9215, Soil Sampling Pastures

MU Extension publication G9217, Soil Sampling Hayfields and Row Crops

Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports (MU Guide G9112)

Pasture Weed and Brush Control for the Ozarks

Musk Thistle Control (PDF)

Spotted Knapweed Identification & Control

MU Extension publication G4650, Establishing Forages

MU Extension publication G4651, Renovating Grass Sods With Legumes

MU Extension publication G4652, Seeding Rates, Dates and Depths for Common Missouri Forages

MU Extension publication G4575, Making and Storing Quality Hay

MU Extension publication G3151, Using a Microwave Oven to Determine Moisture in Forages

MU Extension publication G1955, Large Round Bales: Management

Large Round Bale Safety (Virginia Cooperative Extension) (PDF)

MU Extension publication G1957, Large Round Bales: Safety

Round Bale Hay Storage (Oklahoma State University Extension) (PDF)

Forage Sampling for Best Results

Understanding Your Forage Test Results

MU Extension publication G4570, Reducing Losses When Feeding Hay